• fatso-super-dick

    Fatso Super Dick

    The Fatso is a 1½ inch thick vibrator with a highly ridged shaft for delicious sensations. The multi-speed vibrator operated by the 2 AA batteries included, will allow you to increase the pleasure as you get...

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  • the-fireman-dong

    The Fireman Dong

    The eight and a half inches Fireman dong is a firm, realistic dildo hand finished with subtle colour and detail. A true hero, has a flat base and balls and is authentically veined for that true Fireman fantasy.

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  • thin-cock-7-inches

    Thin Cock 7 Inches

    Seven inches of slim, firm cock in realistic flesh colour. Thin enough to feel good for anal play.

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  • 9-inch-standing-tall

    9 Inch Standing Tall

    The Cushion Harness, made of a soft, purple foam rubber that covers the pubic area, holds the 9 inch cock in place, as well as a variety of flared-base dildos. The wide elastic waist and leg straps are sturdy, but don't bind or...

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  • freshman-kit

    Freshman Kit

    The fantastic new Freshmans Kit from has all you need for strap-on fun! Not only are the 2 dongs harness compatible (and you get a cushion harness in the kit), you an also use them as standalone dildos individually, AND fix them together to...

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  • pullring-fun-cockring-and-butt-plug

    Pullring Fun Cockring and Butt Plug

    Lock yourself up, with this cock ring and anal plug. experience a truly great sensation with this toy.

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  • mighty-joe-dong

    Mighty Joe Dong

    Mighty Joe Dong is big and wide and nice enough to fill you all the way up. This 12 inch dildo with realistic details will be a BIG hit for all giant dildo fans.

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  • trojan-single-dong

    Trojan Single Dong

    Trojan Single Dong is a gorgeous, realistic, big dong with naughty clit tickler.

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