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Caterpillar Dildo by TSX

Caterpillar Dildo is one of the hugest brutal dongs the world has ever seen. Invented for the bravest of the giant dildo lovers, The Caterpillar is among the latest inventions of TSX Toys.

The Caterpillar has an extra fat and long shaft endowed with a rippled texture, big smooth head and a set of firm balls at the wide, flat base. As all TSX sex toys, this dildo is perfectly crafted from high-quality, phthalate free PVC, making it solid, heavy and skin-safe.

Now, what makes this sex toy standing apart is its over-the-top size and weight. Only size enthusiasts and experienced giant dildo users will be able to appreciate The Caterpillar dimensions. The overall length of the dildo is 11 inches with about 9 inches insertable (if you can handle it). The Caterpillar has 9 inches around at the top, and 13 inches around at the bottom!

TSX Caterpillar dildo is so brutal and massive that even the most advanced users will feel weak-in-the-knees. Regardless of how experienced you are with huge dildos, condom use and a lot of lubricant is a must with this challenging sex toy.

NOTE: This product is NOT for the timid and definitely not for beginners. All measurements are approximate. Please use caution while trying to handle this huge sex toy.

  • Overall Length: 11 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 9.84 Inches
  • Width at the top: 3" thick, 9" around
  • Width at the bottom: 4" thick, 13" around
  • Colour: Black
  • Flexibility: Firm
  • Material: PVC
  • Weight: 1.085 Kg
  • Brand: TSX
  • Him or Her: Both
  • What is it? Dong with balls
  • What's it for? Vaginal and anal stimulation
  • Motion and Action: Stimulates
  • Main Features: Catrerpillar

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